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welcome to LEPORIDAEZ.
I'm Lucien, but call me Luci. I am a chronoless being with an adult human vessel. I use it/its. I am a Funky Polyfrag/EC-DID system. Please check out my pronouns.cc, for more info on my idenity, how to refer to me and more!

Hello! This is my longer about me. I'm Lucien but Luci is my preferd name. I use it/its + some neopronouns. I identify as chronoless but my vessel is an adult. I am genderqueer agender bigender, which for me just means my gender is weird and I don't feel gender in the typical sense or really at all but still have one and I also ID with both womenhood and manhood to some degree, that maybe sounds weird but it is just how I am! I am also aroace lil alloaro and bi! I do not understand attraction.. at all and I do not care what gender the person I might date is.

I'm Plural / a System! If you are not sure what that mean check More Than One! I will not speak much of this indeph. As this is a public site. Just know I do have DID.

I am disabled and neurodivergent. I am autitsic, have ADHD, cptsd and bipolar disorder. DID is already mentioned above. I also have chronic pain and chronic fatigue. Oh and PCOS. basically I'm insane (LOL) and my body hates me! but thats okay.

My hobbies include drawing and writing. I also enjoy crafts but do not have the energy most times. I draw almost daily though and do have commissons open!